Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

In honor of my most favorite day in the whole wide world, I devote this space to my graveyard photos taken on my recent New England trip.
20 points to the one who can identify cemetary and/or town.

Hope everyone has a very ghoulish night, with lots and lots of chocolate!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Gothic Grandma

I am in Halloween sorrow. I love Halloween. Prior to my divorce five years ago, I had decorated my entire yard (I had a half acre so it was a BIG yard) with a graveyard, flying ghosts, monsters, coffins, skeletons with lacy dresses and long wigs, devil coming out of the ground with red smoke all around, fog machines, creepy music, flying bats, pianos, you name it, I had it. For over 25 years, people came from miles around to see the spectacle I would create. I would have at least 10 pumpkins carved. The teenagers loved to come help carve pumpkins and set up all the goodies. They knew they could come to my house and carve pumpkins, find a costume, dress up, have fun. I would go through tons of candy with all the kids that showed up.

But, alas, divorce was fast approaching and the house was sold, the ex threw away my entire Halloween collection (27 years worth) and I moved into an apartment. I decorated my door. I didn't have one trick or treater!

Now, I live in a townhouse. I decorated my courtyard and the front sidewalk last year. Not one kiddo. I'm just a Gothic Grandma come this time of year and as Halloween approaches I find myself mourning the days of old. I always wondered what people thought that year I moved away and they came expecting great spooky things only to see the new home owners meager attempts at Halloween. If I only had my great dementor costume I would go harass the kids on my old street. (Ah, big sigh) Good times!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Not By the Hairs on My Chinny Chin Chin!

Today's paper, in the comics (for Better or Worse) I see exactly what I have been dealing with the entire past year, only I don't think it is funny. You be the judge:

This is my life! I am constantly plucking out chin hairs--yes, it is gross! What the hell happened when I turned 50? Did all the female hormones in my body just completely shut down? Some testosterone switch come on? Hot flashes I can handle, but I don't think this is one bit funny, every day there seems to be one more bristle, pluck! Stop it already!