Saturday, September 19, 2009

My European Vacation

I have been wondering the last few days if there is a difference between traveling for pleasure and a vacation. Vacation to me has been camping in Oregon, cooking over an open fire in dutch ovens, flying my kites on the beach, crabbing, or just doing nothing and vegging out. My husband on the other hand loves to travel to places he hasn't been before and hates going to the same place more than once or twice. And more so, doesn't particularly like camping.

I, too, love to travel, but to me traveling is stressful. Making all the travel reservations, hotel reservations, planning the various itineraries in the various towns/countries. I had spent a great deal of time, researching, planning, making a myriad of reservations for planes, trains, tours, hotels, boat rides, etc. When the night finally came before we left on our trip, I still didn't have my suitcase packed and was exhausted and we hadn't even made it out the door. By the time we finally made it to the airport I was more than ready for a vacation.

Our travels took us to Amsterdam with windmills, Anne Frank and Van Gogh. And yes, Coffee houses and the red-light district! Then on to Meppen, Germany to visit with our great friends Holger and Sabine who we met in Vegas many years ago playing tennis. We stayed with them in their new home and what wonderful hosts they were and what a very beautiful town.

From Meppen we went on to Heidelberg. I think I could have stayed in Heidelberg (or Meppen) forever! Both just beautiful. We walked the Philosopher's walk in Heidelberg, visited castles, took long bike rides and long walks, drank champagne in the forest and walked the cobbelstone streets adoring the old buildings and marveling at the history that was encapsulated all in one place.

From Heidelberg we took the bullet train to Paris reaching speeds of almost 200 mph! Paris with the Eiffel tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, Cathedrals, monuments, holding hands and walking along the Seine and again all those wonderfully old buildings with a history that is hard to comprehend for someone from a town barely 100 years old.

We had a wonderful time, a beautiful trip, adventuresome travels and a great vacation.....or a wonderful time traveling whether it was a trip or a was all good!

I will try and get some pictures up on my Facebook page and those interested can check them out there.