Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trip to Zion

Life is zooming past and I feel like I am running behind trying to catch up and jump on the bus! Seems like no time for anything lately. Beni has been working crazy hours at work getting Lion King ready for the opening. Tech rehearsals and focusing going on now. 14-16 hour days, six day weeks for the past month and a half. He finally got two days off and we took off to Zion National Park with some of the technical team. One of our favorite places up there is Flannigans, just a really serene hotel and spa.

Zion is always great with plenty of hikes for any level from easy to strenuous. It felt great getting out and actually being able to do some of the hikes. Good to have the energy level going up. Not quite where I was a year ago, but very glad to pretty much keep up.

Hair is coming in, about 3/4" long, is very thick and appears to be curly! I always wished for curly hair, careful what you wish for eh?

Today is my parents 59th Wedding Anniversary! Isn't that just amazing? They raised me up so I could stand on mountains, they raised me up to walk on stormy seas, and I am strong when I am on their shoulders, they raised me up to more than I should be.

Okay so I changed that a little, but they raised us kids with a tremendous amount of love and laughter and I am tremendously grateful to have been raised by parents who showed us what a loving home and loving parents was all about. Love you Mom and Dad!