Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FaceBook Whore

I am still alive. Thanks for all those who were asking where I was and if I was okay. I've been seeing someone else...well, not someone. My tennis buddies told me to get on Facebook to keep in touch when we wanted to play tennis and as a fun way to get in touch with old friends. "Not for me," I said. They convinced me to give it a try and I thought, "what the heck." And then I was hooked. Hooked finding old friends from high school, hooked playing Word Twist, hooked playing Geo Challenge. But there were also blog friends there too. Peter, Gary, cool. It's quick comments, quick updates throughout the day, games at night, find more friends, be someone's friend, lots of friends!

Then V-grrl brought me back to earth the other day. I realized I missed my blog friends and I felt so guilty, you know that feeling when you haven't called your mom in a couple of weeks. I'll try to do better, I promise! But if you have a FaceBook account please be my friend!