Thursday, March 07, 2013

Remembering a Friend

I just found out this morning that the 47 year old women killed by her ex-husband in Henderson was a friend.  My dentist Renee Bassett.  She was shot with her son in the house who was the one who called 911.  The Ex then went to the car and killed himself.  This was a wonderful woman, mother, dentist who truly cared for her patients whether their insurance could cover them or not.  I will never understand the senseless, cruel actions of someone taking another person's life.  Her two boys are now without either parent. What will become of them, what will their life now be like?  How can the one who saw and/or found his dead mother ever get that vision out of his head and know his own father did that to her and to him and his brother? Renee was just a beautiful person who loved her sons. It's times like this that makes me wonder why we need even one gun in this world.  Guns equal violence and that is all. My heart just hurts.