Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chemo and Semi's

Been a downer week. I had a doctor appointment last Tuesday to find out if there would be additional chemo treatments.(I was supposed to be done by now!) Obviously, I had been anxious all week, hoping counts would be down and I would be finished with this tortuous treatment. On the way to the doctor's office I was hit from behind by a semi-truck! Well, actually the car behind me was hit by the semi who then preceded to smash very violently into my cute, little, sunflower yellow, Xterra-Goldy! BAM! So, there we were in the middle of the road waiting for police with people driving around us and yelling at us, or making stupid comments. "Right, Buddy!" "Yea, really funny!" "Yep, we wrecked to ruin your day!" What a-holes!

I missed the doctor's appointment and had to go the next day, stiff neck/back and all."Counts aren't down enough, three more chemo treatments."

I started this new round this past Friday, so today am feeling punky, achy, but better than yesterday. God, I don't want to do more of this, it sucks! But,the good news was I didn't have to have the blood transfusion! Actually, compared to the last treatment when I had the infection, this isn't so bad at all, I think the worst is over for this round. I may even get out of bed today and go find something to eat. Panda Express!

My show this past weekend-Dracula-was great, wonderful! Standing ovations each night! Didn't raise as much as we had hoped, but did have a decent turn out. I was absolutely bushed as I had the chemo on Friday and then two shows, two receptions to set up and of course, I have to be all cheery and welcoming everyone, do the preshow announcement and thank all our supporters, etc., then get off stage and go puke! Onward and upward and hopefully, little Goldy will get repaired this week!


Peter said...

Chemo on Friday and then two shows: you're one brave lady Brenda, I admire your attitude and courage.

Oh my, that car crash was really an incident you could do without (real cute car by the way, yellow is almost unseen as a car color in Belgium).

I'm stunned by the rudeness of the disaster tourists, trust me, it's the same in metropolitan Belgium. It's the "me, me, more of me" society showing its true colors.

I had to think about you when I was recently diagnosed with a benign tumor, which is causing me some trouble eating though.

Hang in there, I know you have people who care around you.

All the best from a chilly (50F) and rather gray Belgium.

Mama Zen said...

I'm so glad that you weren't hurt in the crash!

I totally agree with you on blood transfusions (it's funny; I'm waiting to find out if I have to have another one). It's just creepy. And, it takes FOREVER.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

oh goodness, terribly sorry about both!!!!!!!!!!

V-Grrrl said...

I was once rearended by a semi going 40 mph. Almost three months of physical therapy to recover from the whiplash.

I cannot believe you've had more dished on your plate. 2009 is coming. Things have GOT to get better.

Thinking of you...