Monday, February 02, 2009

Skating on the River and Stuck in Denver

Okay, so I am here in Denver Airport waiting to see if I am going to be purposely bumped from the flight. Sure, I'll give up my seat if the price is right!

Anyway, thinking of the nice weekend with the hubs in minus 20 degree Winnipeg. I was very surprised by the very flat landscape. I was expecting mountains and lots of trees. However, it was very beautiful, seeing a endless blanket of snow as far as your eye could see. We had some great walks bundled up with so much outer wear I could hardly bend my knees and elbows! We had a super time ice skating on the river. I had only ice skated once in a rink in Vegas (not really the thing in Vegas!) with my daughter. She was great, but I pretty much just held on to the edge of the rink and scooted along.

So, this was a big deal! I got the hang of it pretty fast and we skated about a mile down the trail and then back. Now for all you skaters out there, I know that might not seem like much, but I was pretty out of breath and feeling very out of shape by the time we got back to where we started. AND it was minus degree weather!

I also had tremendous good fun making paper airplanes and throwing them out the window of our 18th story room....good fun!

But for now, I'm still waiting at the airport. Excuse me, that would be the MILE HIGH airport!

Note: I'm at the hotel in Denver, officially bumped and flying back tomorrow afternoon.


Peter said...

"ice skating on the river":
wow, it's about 80 years ago since any river in Belgium froze up - it sounds like an amazing experience!

As for being bumped off the flight: a comfortable hotel room and a decent compensation was probably not such a bad deal ;-)

Peter in Antwerp, Belgium
(wet snow at 30°F. No ice :)

Susan said...

It seems funny saying this, but congrats on getting bumped!

I can't imagine skating on a fun!

Mama Zen said...

I've never been ice skating. You make it sound like fun!

DebbieDoesLife said...

I hate cold weather but I would love to say I skated on a river!

I hope they made it worth your while when they bumped you! Have a safe trip home.

amy said...


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