Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

When upon life's billows you are tempest tossed, when you are discouraged thinking all is lost.  Count your many blessings name them one by one....

Thanksgiving dinner is over.  Leftovers put away, all the pots and pans washed and dried. I'm back home, in bed, tired from the busy day, but so happy to be able to have had the opportunity to cook the dinner with my daughter's.  Show them how I do the turkey in a bag.  Explain how to make REALLY good dressing.  Share the secret of my sweet potatoes. Thankful to have had this day. 

In the quiet solitude I wonder if I'll be around next year.  If not, will they remember the lessons today? I start to drift off to the dark place of gloomy cancer thoughts.  And then I shake away the darkness and fill my mind with those blessings I am so thankful for on this day.

Wonderful loving parents. Four beautiful, smart, responsible, loving kids. My grandkid's smiles when they see me.  Laughter.  Footprints in the snow. Cushy and warm socks.  Hugs. Memories of wonderful camping trips spent with family.  Playing guitars with my daughters, cousins, friends...making music.  Tennis, running after the balls and making a winning shot. Molly, my cat. My sisters and brother.  Cloudy days.  Sunny days.  Sledding with my grandson.  Driving with my husband and listening to Garrison or Click and Clack.  Trips to Europe.  Train rides with spectacular views. Pizza. Mexican food. Doctors and nurses who show they care.  Full moons and starry nights. Down pillows. Hot baths. Holding hands with my husband, grandkids or kids. Kisses that get sloppy.  Friends who understand that many days are difficult. Friends who weren't scared away by cancer.  Online friends I have never met. The fresh clean smell after a summer rain.  Finches on the feeder. Flowers, especially wildflowers. Vibrant colors. Hostels. Road trips. The perfection of imperfection in art, nature. Cards. Christmas lights. A husband who is my best friend.

Happy Thanksgiving.  


Peter said...

A belated happy thanksgiving to you Brenda, all the way from Belgium.

It was heart-warming reading how you listed your many blessings, while I (don't know why, it just happened) recalled that online video showing you dancing somewhere on a street in Vegas.

I will get in touch with a personal message asap.

Peter in Belgium

joyful said...

Yes, we must ever count our blessings. I am truly blessed to have you for my sister. Remembering all our many adventures growing up, as young married moms, and then as grandmas. So many wonderful memories we share. And I know we will have many more. We must stay out of the dark places and seek out the good in our lives. Live each day and find "Joy in the Journey"