Monday, June 04, 2007

The Car is in the Driveway

Yes, the deed is done. I cleaned out good old OTRA One Kanobi and drove my last drive with him (her?) to the car dealer. My nice and shiny very mellow yellow Nissan was waiting for me. Just had to sign a few gazillion papers, give them a few pints of blood, sign over the title for my faithful friend, gave them the keys and that was it. I only had one moment when I got misty-eyed and thought I was going to start SOBBING! "Think good thoughts" I told myself, "think camping trips, road trips, Sunday drives with Garrison Keiller."

I drove away, and never looked back. I did hide a card in the van with a note to the new owners letting them know his name. I mean I wouldn't want the car to get all confused if someone was telling it to "Come on Nellie, get going." I also told them that it drives much better after being washed!

It's a little strange, I can't find the door handle, or the window buttons, the AC, but I think we got along just superbly for our first day together. And she looks so very cute in the driveway. It's for sure the brightest car on the street.


Tink said...

I LOVE that you left them the name! I name all my cars too. Over the years there have been James, Tank, Deja Blue, Avery, and now Violet.

eric said...

i've always thought those xterras were pretty sharp. and it being yellow you can name it after one of anakin skywalker's speeders.

Bobita~ said...

My kids named our little Vibe...Bumper. They talk to him, say "hello" and "goodbye" to him. I think it is just the cutest thing!

Chavi said...

Good for people to know.