Saturday, July 26, 2008

The New Engagement Ring? Say What?

I just have to post this. I was listening to public radio yesterday and they had some young couples on who were talking about relationships and stated that an engagement ring isn't what it used to be. That now, to show a girl/guy you are committed to them and want an exclusive relationship with them and show you trust them, you have sex without a condom. That's right Sex Without a Condom, the new engagement ring! Now isn't that romantic?


Peter said...

"Showing trust, by having sex without a condom": it sounds somewhat frightening to me.

While I do trust my partner, that trust is not 100% when it comes to sex.

Both men and women have that well known tendency to sometimes slide on that slippery slope of waterproof fidelity, with (at least for gay men in Belgium) rather shocking HIV and other STD infection rates as a direct result.

I'd rather have the commitment of knowing that my partner will use a condom when he ever would be tempted to have sex with someone else. I know it's not very romantic, but 'safety first' sounds like the best commitment I could wish for in these troubling times.

Dragonfly Dreaming said...

Hey???! Where did my comment go??!

Almost Vegetarian said...

Am I the only person who wants to just smack people in the forehead?

Have an HIV test. Then wait six months and have another. Then talk.

That's smart. And trusting.

And realistic in this day and age.


eric said...

it's interesting that the trust involved has to do with contracting a disease -- not about whether you trust the other person to bear your child.

V-Grrrl said...

Well it sure is a lot cheaper than buying a diamond--unless the woman gets pregnant.

I'll take a ring, thanks!

Tink said...

That is just so frustrating! I swear our society is dumbing down.

Di Mackey said...

Home from France and I found your comment on my blog. It made me smile but following it back here and I almost laughed out loud ... a delighted laugh, I promise.

Both your blog banner words and this post, just for starters. Thanks for calling by and so nice to find you out here in the blog world.