Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day in the Hood!

THREE! Can you say three? Three is a very good number and the number I was given for chemo treatments, better than six, eight, ten or twelve! I still lose my hair, oh well, can't cry about that! Went today and bought two wigs. One long, one short. One called Nona, (like the song: Nona, N-O-N-A, Nona! Oh, no that was Lola, okay it isn't like the song!) the other Alexia. The color: Spring Honey see the short wig below. They are from the Rachel Welch collection. I looked for some silicone boobies in the boxes but there were only the wigs. One can always hope and dream, damn it!


Mama Zen said...

Your blog has the best tag line EVER!

PEACE said...

Thank you Mama Zen! I like it too.

Peter said...

Just three! Well, that sure is very uplifting news Brenda.

I really admire how you keep a positive focus (and even go looking for some silicone boobies in the boxes ;-)

Personal: my SO has been having some (non major) health issues and has become quite grumpy these past few weeks. I'll pass on your
'stop complaining about the cards you are dealt' advice: he does need to start building a more positive attitude. I'm quite willing to help him, but in the end, it's his own choice.

Thanks for your comment on 'boobs for Belgium': if Obama voters can get away with it, so can we :-)

PEACE said...

It's hard sometimes, but ultimately we need to decide: are we going to be a bouncy Tigger or a grumpy Eyore.
Definately, I'm not up all the time, I've had some down days, but mostly because of lack of energy that pissed me off. For me, I have to get out the house and the four walls and get out side. Hitting golf balls into the ocean (or smacking tennis balls) can do wonders for anyone!

Whenever I am feeling sorry for myself I remember a lady that came in to order flowers for a funeral. Her husband had died years ago and her only daughter and three grandchildren had been killed in a fire. Her son-in-law and jumped out the second story window and the wife had the kids and was supposed to throw them to him, but was overcome by smoke. That lady lost her entire family. Yet, her concern was for her son-in-law. I knew then that there are some real tragedies in this life. My problems seemed so trivial in comparison, how could I ever complain again about my life?

I wish your SO well, but if he has been hanging around the house, you need to get him out!


joyful said... mama with the ready to go hair dos. Cute,and Sexy Bren. Change your personality in an instant. I did look online and as far as eyelashes they said you could just use false eyelashes. I even found false eyebrows. See you soon sissy.

Rachel said...

I love both of those!

amy said...


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