Monday, August 18, 2008

Hurricane Fay...I'm there!

We jumped on the Mamma Mia bus (yea, they go by bus when it's a short trip) this morning and headed to Tampa. Yep, Tampa, Florida where Hurricane Fay is supposed to hit tomorrow. Announcements were made to "be prepared." Be prepared? I live in the desert. I don't know nothing about birthing babies or hurricanes! They are giving weather updates on almost every channel every 10 minutes. I wasn't really worried a few days ago, because I knew they were giving all these updates. But now, as tomorrow is looming, I started paying more attention. The news is showing that they are requesting recommended evacuations tonight in 'Level A' and mandatory evacuations tomorrow morning. Okay, that's good, if I had a effing clue where the hell level A" was!!! I just know I am in Tampa!

So, I move online. The site gives updated info, but also gives a cool demonstration in photos on the damage done by the various levels of a hurricane. Check out level 1 and then level 5. I shouldn't have laughed, I know, but for some reason, I thought it was pretty funny.

The Local News shows lists of schools That will be closed tomorrow... by counties, again, means nothing to this wild west, desert-dwelling girl.

We just get a call, the Mamma Mia tour has canceled their show for tomorrow, now that I know. The theatre's right across the street! Maybe I should go find a flashlight and some water....a couple of candy bars, beer?

added tuesday am: all is well. fay entered land way south of tampa and all we may see is some "scattered squalls." Dang, I was so wanting to see a cow fly by or a surfer dude.


gary rith said...

my goodness, be safe, and um, have fun

Peter said...

I just noticed Fay has made landfall on the coast of Cape Romano; 55 miles south of Ft. Myers -

That's 190 miles south of Tampa:
hope you're safe!

Mama Zen said...

Yikes! Be careful out there!

Jess Riley said...

Oh my gosh, take care of yourself!!

(Loved the 'birthing baby' line. Gone with the Wind? :-)

gary rith said...

still sounds wild, on Thursday, check in soon if you can

V-Grrrl said...

New bumpersticker for you: "I came here for Mama Mia and all I got was a flying cow and a candy bar."