Thursday, September 11, 2008

Champion of the World!

Okay, maybe not champion of the world. But four days after my chemo treatment I played in a tennis tournament. Not just any tournament THE tennis tournament in Vegas. I made the finals and came in second both in Singles and in Doubles. No, I didn't get a nice silver platter just 5 X 7 plaques. And even though it just about did me under, (I am still exhausted and pulled a muscle in my leg), I proved to myself that I could make it through a match. In two weeks, I play in the Senior Olympics! First I have to talk the doctor into postponing my last chemo treatment by a week....I want to make sure I am fully ready to play and not feeling all week and crappy....she'll just have to understand. It's tennis afterall!


gary rith said...

YOU DID THAT? You're a hero!

Peter said...

I'm stunned Brenda!

My SO looked at the shot and said "wow, that's one tough lady"

He'd love to meet you one day.

Mama Zen said...


PEACE said...

Gary, no hero, pretty stupid after I collapsed in the car and drove home, but very satisfying!

Peter, it would be cool to meet, especially in Belgium, and who knows, maybe one day!

Mama Zen, not amazing, just very determined to get back to normal.

Fortune Cookies said...

Oh, it's a bit late, but have you ever visited the Peace One Day web site? it's :)